There's a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven. A time to feast like there's no tomorrow, and a time to be on the 17 Day Diet.

2 Things

1. Thanks to @curvytothin who suggested fish oil is good for weight loss, I did my research and got thoroughly convinced. Here’s a link to the best article about it that I’ve seen so far: :)

So, right after work hours, I went to Healthy Options and looked for some good Omega 3 supplements. The store had about 4 variants of them, all of which were expensive, which got me reluctant enough to postpone my purchase and do some more research first on which one was best to get.

Good thing that it was what I had decided because when I got home and snooped around my parents’ room, there I saw a happy green bottle still full of unexpired (yay!) Omega 3s. :D 

Here’s what I took today—see photo above. (I drank two pills as recommended othe back label. I still have to research more on the dosage that’ll be enough to aid in weight loss, though. I read somewhere 5 grams were needed? Since a pill is 1.2g, then I have to take at least 4 of them? :o)

2. Since I didn’t buy my fish oil supplements anymore, I got attracted to this pack of sour candies and ended up buying it instead. I got it at PHP 250, which is very pricey even for ‘natural’ candies. #impulsebuying

Regardless of the price, they are yummmmmy! And look how cute they look. :>

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